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Prosthodontics: Complex Reconstruction

Restore the Beauty and Function of Your Teeth

Dr. Kirk Donaldson is highly experienced in treating complex prosthodontic dental needs. Dr. Donaldson’s Masters Degree is in  prosthodontics; essentially complex full mouth reconstruction.  He is trained and highly experienced with multi-disciplinary care involving bite problems, tissue and bone grafting, implant placement and restoration of the teeth. Dr Donaldson’s unique skill set allows complex situations to be smoothly treated in one office; often making for a more seamless, comfortable and more esthetic series of transitions throughout treatment. In more typical practices, patients can unfortunately feel caught in communication confusion dealing with multiple doctors. We avoid that.

We take a highly personalized approach to care. We match up your preferences and priorities to collaboratively organize your treatment to ensure your hopes and desires are met.



A case of severe wear:

With careful planning, Dr Donaldson restored full size, function and natural beauty to this man’s teeth. He was thrilled with the result.


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2013-04-23 022         2013-06-12b 035


At Donaldson and Guenther , we work hard to create natural form and texture so our restorations look very real. Notice how light reflects beautifully off the new teeth.

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Rebuilding from completely broken down:


In one sedation appointment, Dr Donaldson did 6 root canals and re-built this man’s teeth. The second photo is of the the temporary restorations at the end of that first appointment. When his daughter picked him up, she burst out, “Oh, my. I might even get a step- mom now!” She threw her arms around her dad and cried.  We also did a full restoration of his lower teeth. It was worth the careful hard work.

cosmetic-dentistry-3before     cosmetic-dentistry-3after

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Turning around from decay and neglect:

This nice young man nearly lost several teeth from decay. He was a habitual soda drinker… all day long. We did a complete reconstruction with several implants. He and his family were thrilled with the results and we are happy to report he continues to take care of his teeth. It was fun to watch his personality come alive as treatment progressed.

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2013-08-21 015