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Implant Dentistry

One Doctor, One Office: Convenient Implant Procedures

Donaldson & Guenther provides comprehensive dental implant services. With one doctor in one office, patients can have all their dental implant needs taken care of in the most streamlined manner possible. Dr. Kirk Donaldson is highly trained and experienced in surgical, restorative, and prosthodontic (dental prosthetics) aspects of implant dentistry. From tooth extraction and bone grafting to helping shape and maintain healthy gums, Dr. Donaldson does it all. He even places the implants and makes the final teeth.

Having one doctor manage your implant treatment is ideal. Being able to immediately place a temporary tooth when a front or side tooth is extracted gives the best opportunity for precise management of the very important gumline shape; it also sets the stage for the stable, long-term results.

As a patient at D&G, you don’t have to visit multiple offices and doctors, which often leads to lost paperwork and confusion. Patients can usually keep their normal smile intact during the entire process, avoiding the embarrassment and self-consciousness associated with the more typical removable acrylic temporaries referred to as “flippers.”

Michelle’s Successful Implant Procedure

After both cosmetic and implant procedures, Michelle shows off her new smile and explains how her experience at Donaldson & Guenther differed from treatments she’s received at other practices.


Case Study: So Natural No One Knew

In the case below, a woman was losing a beautiful cuspid tooth because of root resorption (melting down tooth root). She is a very busy professional and needs to always look her best with clients. Dr. Kirk Donaldson removed the failing tooth, placed her implant, and maintained a completely natural look using her original, re-shaped tooth as a temporary. Throughout it all, Dr. Donaldson maintained a perfect gumline. The result of the final crown looks very close to the original. No one ever knew she was having important dentistry done. This case exemplifies the advantage of a one-doctor approach to implant dentistry.

Case Study: Solid Results

This gentleman hated his removable partial and wanted solid lower teeth. A combination of dental implants and crowns gave him solid teeth again. Fine dentistry isn’t always about making things look pristine. We made his teeth blend with the uppers that he was happy with. At Donaldson & Guenther, we work to fulfill our patients’ desires and don’t make everyone look like People Magazine. And yes, we do lots of light and bright smiles too!

Case Study: Digital Precision

At Donaldson & Guenther, you can replace a complete denture with solid teeth again. For complex implant and prosthodontic cases, we use digital technologies to plan our implant placements for optimal results. In the case below, Dr. Donaldson added more bone to the sinus areas and then placed eight dental implants to support a full arch of solid teeth. The patient was amazed that she could hardly tell anything was done after her surgery appointments. She now enjoys smiling and eating anything she wants.

Case Study: Eating with Ease

Four to six implants can support an arch of non-removable teeth:  a great alternative to removable dentures. Patients love this solution. The pictures below are from a gentleman who could not tolerate his dentures. He suffered from gagging issues and wanted to eat steak again. Now he does comfortably!  And corn on the cob too!