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HighTech Root Canals

Fear No More

The old horror stories of root canal treatment are almost entirely a thing of the past. In the last decade, there have been wonderful advancements in the technology of saving teeth with endodontic (root canal) therapy. Current techniques are more precise, thorough, and far less irritating — there are also fewer post-treatment problems. Today’s root canal treatments are typically very comfortable both during and after the procedure.

Root canals require precise, thorough, and careful skill. Dr. Guenther has studied with one of the country’s leading specialists and has completed extensive, advanced training. She does an extraordinary job for her patients.

We take patient comfort seriously, and use a variety of anesthetic techniques including nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Many patients have come to us because of anesthesia problems in their past and have been successfully treated.

What is a Root Canal?

A tooth is cone-shaped and has a thin, straw-like tube running up the center, which contains delicate, live tissue. If a tooth experiences decay or trauma, the delicate tissue can die and become infected, often with pain associated.

In a root canal, the treating dentist saves the tooth and returns it to comfort by entering the thin tube-like canal, cleaning out the problematic tissue, disinfecting the space, and sealing the space so that fluids and new bacteria won’t create another infection.



Both molar teeth below have root canals with three canals each. The one on the right was done by Dr. Guenther. Note the white filling material goes exactly to the end of the tooth and two little white puffs of cement coming out the side of one root. Those puffs are a sign of excellent technique; adequate to clean and seal micro-sized side canals. Root canals are very technique sensitive. Dr. Guenther is very gifted in this area.