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Cosmetic Dentistry

Confident, Beautiful, Healthy Smiles:

Cosmetic dentistry is about confidence. What we repeatedly hear from our patients is how confident they are in their smiles. Stories of improved business  and social relationships abound. Ladies tell us they are ready to get out their dark lip stick and heels again and re-enter social life.  Other people have told us their boss, co-workers and customers treat them with more respect. They are convinced there was significant life change as a result of our work. Wow!  We take this stuff to heart.

We offer a full range of cosmetic, restorative dental services. From teeth lightening to complex, reconstructive dentistry, we are highly experienced and known for our artistic, lifelike work. It takes both technical and artistic talent to achieve high-quality, aesthetic dentistry. Both Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Guenther deliver consistently beautiful results. Our patients have a broad range of desires for their smiles. Some people want a very natural look, while others want ultra-white, bold smiles. We help people get the smile they want. As such, we take the time to get to know you and your preferences. We don’t make everybody look the same — our approach is highly individualized to the patient. Veneers, porcelain crowns, inlays, implants, and cosmetic gum shaping are all realms of expertise at Donaldson & Guenther.

Michelle’s Gorgeous New Smile

Michelle and her family came to us very upset; feeling caught between their dentist, surgeon and orthodontist. She had two upper front lateral implants placed at crazy angles. Her doctors were blaming each other. We were able to dramatically customize a challenging situation and produce a result that left her father stunned: he could only see his daughter’s beautiful smile without telling where our work was.  Michelle shows off her new smile and explains how her experience at Donaldson & Guenther differed from treatments she’s received at other practices.  ( her case photos will uploaded soon )



Case Study: Balanced and Bright

The case below shows the dramatic effect of correcting the gumline before making new crowns.  Too many dentist ignore this and just think teeth. The gum architecture is the frame for the smile balance. We transformed the gummy smile into one that’s balanced, bright, and beautiful. Because we are able to treat both gums and teeth within our office, we can efficiently manage complex situations and provide the results you see here.