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Alleviating Dental Anxiety

   Making Your Experience Comfortable, Safe, and Pleasant


Our team receives extremely positive feedback about how we make people comfortable and reduce pain. To make dentistry even more anxiety-free, comfortable, safer, and even possible for more people, Dr. Donaldson, Guenther and Yilmazare have advanced training in oral sedation techniques from DOCS (the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation).

With the help of light oral sedation (as directed in Michigan, where we are located), many people can overcome their fear, gagging issues, problems with not getting numb enough, and post-treatment discomfort. If you are one of those people, contact us to find out more. You can have the smile and dental health you only dreamed of until now.


“There are many things that please me deeply as a dentist. One of those is watching patients warm up, relax, grow in trust, and simply have more fun as they get to know us. Most people have a bad dental experience in their past that has left them afraid, nervous, and even suspicious of dentists. My whole career, I have tried to help people get past ‘dental guilt and fear’ so that they can enjoy good health and a beautiful smile — all as they experience comfort throughout their care.”

—Dr. Kirk Donaldson