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Giving Back

Compassion Inside and Outside of the Office

Compassion is a core value at Donaldson Guenther & Yilmaz. It is with a great sense of thankfulness, responsibility, and privilege that we provide dental care, and as such, there are ways we try to give back.

The first way we give back is by not “cheaping out” on our patients. Our above average fees are first given back to our patients by using the best materials, dental lab technicians, and staff possible. We also take longer on patient appointments because excellence does not happen quickly or by accident. Details matter: We are convinced that practices that accept discounted reimbursement cannot afford to provide their patients with the same level of service.

As individuals, and as a group, we give back to a number of organizations. Many of the staff have gone with Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Guenther to Guatemala. For many years, we have done dental work and built homes for the Mayan indigenous people. In addition, Ann and her husband are long-term supporters for several Guatemalan children that they love dearly.


We continue to actively support the local, state, and national organizations listed below:

  •             Leslie Science Center: Almost 20 years of support
  •             Environment Michigan: Kirk and Kristin
  •             Food Gatherers: Donaldson and Guenther, Kirk, and Catherine
  •             Single Mom Dinners at Ann Arbor Vineyard: Kristin
  •             Humane Society & Border Collie Rescue: Zerrin, Melissa, and Kelly
  •             Make-a-Wish: Ann
  •             Girls on the Run: Ann
  •             American Cancer Society: Melissa and Ann
  •             National MS Society: Shannon
  •             Michigan Theater: Kirk and Kristin
  •             Photography for Ann Arbor Dance Works and other organizations: Kirk

Here are some 2013 Guatemala memories with Melissa, Jessi and Dr Kirk :